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Wu Jiang laboratory

World-class detect equipment have been introduced to laboratory in order to establish a detect technology service platform that can satisfy different customers’ requirements. Now there are total 12 engine labs, 4 transmission labs and 2 labs for automobile performance and discharge. In addition, we can provide detect service for engines with several fuel, speed changing box, dynamical system and automobile performance, oil consumption and discharge. We can provide detect service according to laws and regulations in our country and other countries and areas. We can also provide technology service to customers like inspection and detect, calibration match and laws regulations certification.

Xiang Cheng laboratory

This lab aims to provide the third-party detect and extending service for different enterprises, especially the small and medium enterprises and newly-established enterprises; meanwhile, lab can also provide the professional and authoritative detect service to government supervision detect department and administrative law-enforcing department. Enterprise research development public test platform, fatigue reliable lab, environment reliable lab, automobile oil and VOC lab have been built preliminary, which can provide VOC, oil and environment reliable tests and confirmation services.

Starter and electric generator laboratory

Institute will build a starter and electric generator professional laboratory Imported starter and electric generator test equipment and thrust stand have been introduced to make sure domestic advanced test and detect performance.