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Zhangjiagang Tsingyan Testing Technology Co., Ltd is a third party independent laboratory set up jointly by Suzhou Automobile Research Institute, Tsinghua University and Zhangjiagang economic and Technological Development Zone.

Suzhou Automobile Research Institute, Tsinghua University is cooperated built by Tsinghua University and Su Zhou People’s Government, focus on the research development, testing and technology transformation to critical technology of car vehicle and parts components. Safety, energy conservation and environmental protection are the three important themes. The main involved fields include new energy automobile, automobile electronics and control, automobile parts components remanufacturing, automobile NVH and lightweight design, automobile material and manufacturing, automobile industry macroscopic develop strategy, etc.

Institute has built the laboratory in Wujiang, Xiangcheng, Zhangjiagang and Chongqing. Laboratory of Wujiang is for power assembly, laboratory of Xiangcheng is for NVH, laboratory of Zhangjiagang is for auto parts components, aiming to provide integrated service including research development, design, detect and consult.