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Supporting Capability

The US Qualmark accelerated life test equipment, mixed gaseous corrosion boxes of Yamazaki, Japan, British Ascott compound salt spray test chamber, German Wechsler Fucci humiture testing equipment, British Dagg X-ray analysis equipment, Japanese Olympus metallographic analysis equipment and a maximum of 100-ton material testing machine, 750J impact machine, sclerometer and other testing equipment such as direct-reading spectrograph, low air pressure chamber, stepping-in box, 8-ton temperature-humidity- vibration testing box, 30-ton three-dimension freedom vibration equipment, X-ray stress analyzer, fatigue wear testing machine etc. are introduced to realize the testing or experiment of environmental reliability, reliability growth evaluation, performance and service life of conventional auto parts.

Service Items

Reliability test of all items related to ISO 16750(GB/T28046)vehicle electronic device (general rules, electrical load, Climatic load, mechanical load, chemical load )

Reliability growth and reliability evaluation on electronic products

Performance and service life test about automobile wiring harness and connector

Testing high polymer material and components

Testing ingredient, grade identification, and physical property of structural member, fastener and other metallic materials